Izmir Web Design Agency: BULROG

Bulrog Web Design Agency, founded in Izmir in February 2013, provides web design and digital marketing services for businesses and non-profit organizations in Europe and Turkey. With academic knowledge and experience, we continue to serve a variety of industries in line with latest technology and trends. Our aim is to inform all type of organizations contacting us and to help them achieve the success they want via their websites. Our specialists help you increase your brand value with appropriate strategies, develop your web presence, and meaningful relations with your audience.

Our Vision

By integrating our technical and academic knowledge with experience, we would like to become one of the main actors supporting firms in their competition with our digital services.

Our Mission

To support and educate firms in their digital efforts for sustainable competitive advantage.

Our Core Values

  • Continues change, learning and development
  • Creative, open-minded and passionate
  • Integrity
  • Competency
  • Perfectionism
  • Detail-oriented
  • Socially responsible

Our Team

Hakan Altun

Founder / Project Manager

Gökhan Altun

Strategic Management and Planning

Yağmur Altun

Customer Relationship Expert

Özgür Özdemir

Software Specialist

Armağan Anlağan

Digital Marketing Expert

Ali Yücel

SEO Expert

Merve Kart

Graphics Specialist

Özkan Altun

Printed Media Specialist


A carefully designed website with a clear purpose is the showcase of your business that is result oriented, always working, increasing reliability and sales.

Whether English or Turkish, you can permanently go up in the organic search results and minimize your ad costs.

With our Internet Advertisement services, you can widen your customer base instantly.

Logo, Business Card, Flyer, brochure… in short, we can design and print everything your business needs.

Our Own Digital Enterprises

Everything elementary school teachers and students need can be purchased via our ecommerce website.

Marmaris Travel Agency helps you have a wonderful holiday offering various tour and activity options in Marmaris and neighboring touristic cities.

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Digital Marketing Specialist

We are looking for knowledgeable and experienced digital marketing personnel able to manage social media and Google Adwords account and to create English and Turkish content.

Digital Products Sales Specialist

We are looking for knowledgeable and experienced personnel in the field of web design, Google Adwords, Seo, social media marketing and graphics design.